Prep: 50 mins | Cook: 1hr 10mins | Additional: 10 hrs | Total: 12 hrs | Serving: 112 | Yield: 7 pint jars

Zucchini is very famous in our place, everyone in my family loves it. This Sweet Zucchini Relish is simple as far as the labor is concerned, but it will take a day to finish. It is also perfect for summer. Try to make a version of this recipe for Sweet Zucchini Relish, and don’t forget to enjoy it.


12 cups Zucchini, raw

4 cups Onions, raw

5 tbsp pickling salt

(1) Peppers, sweet, red, raw; red bell pepper

(1) Peppers, sweet, green, raw; green bell pepper

6 cups Sugars, granulated

2 ½ cups Distilled Vinegar

1 tbsp Cornstarch

¾ tsp Spices, nutmeg, ground

¾ tsp Spices, turmeric, ground

1 ½ tsp Spices, celery seed

½ tsp Spices, pepper, black


Add and place zucchini and onion in a large, non-metallic bowl, and sprinkle the salt overtop. To evenly mix, use your hands the salt throughout the zucchini. Cover, and refrigerate overnight.

The next day, drain zucchini in a colander and rinse well with cool water. Add and place the red and green bell pepper, sugar, vinegar, and cornstarch into a large pot. Add the nutmeg, turmeric, celery seed, and pepper. Add and stir to combine, then add the drained zucchini. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, then reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, sterilize (7) one-pint jars and lids to hold relish. Pack relish into sterilized jars, making sure there are no spaces or air pockets. Fill the jars all the way to top, and then screw on lids.

Add and place a rack at the bottom of a large stockpot and fill halfway with boiling water. Lower the jars carefully into the pot using a holder, and leave a 2-inch space between jars. If necessary, pour in more boiling water until tops of jars are covered by 2 inches of water. Let the water reach a full boil, then cover and process for 30 minutes.

Remove jars from pot and put on cloth-covered or wood surface, several inches apart until cool. When cool, press a finger on top of each lid to ensure the seal is secure and not moving up or down.

Nutrition Facts:

Per Serving: 46.9 calories; 0 mg cholesterol; 313 mg sodium; 0.2 g protein; 11.9 g carbohydrates.