Easy And Tasty Salisbury Steak With Gravy

Excuse the extra gravy in picture. But we all love extra gravy, lol. This is very good and so easy to make. The flavor just blends in so nicely. It is good as it looks… yummo!

Cook time: 3 Hr
Prep time: 15 Min
Serves: 6



1 1/2 lb ground sirloin
1/2 onion (I use a cheese grater to grate in my meat)
2 clove garlic (I use a grater to do garlic)
2 tsp dried parsley flakes
salt and pepper, to your taste
1 c flavored bread crumbs
3/4 c milk
2 can Campbell’s beef gravy (this kind is very good)
4 Tbsp ketchup
4 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp pepper
1 can mushrooms (large)


1. Mix ground beef, onion, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, bread crumbs, and milk. Mix well with your hands. Form into patties. Cook them on the stove in a little olive oil and until just about done. Then place in Crock Pot.

2. In the pan you just cooked patties, add gravy, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, and ketchup. Stir to get all that good flavor off the bottom of the pan. Just enough to heat and mix then add DRAINED mushrooms and mix.

3. Then pour over patties in the Crock Pot and cook on low for three hours.

4. Last Step: Don’t forget to share!


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